Is your home winter-ready?


We’re already couple of weeks into the winter season, and winterizing is usually done in the fall, but it’s still useful to go over the maintenance tasks in case we missed something. We can easily get sidetracked with work, holidays, family time etc, and we all know how time flies. Before we know it, it’ll be time for spring cleaning.

Here in the Pacific Northwest we don’t have harsh winters and lot of snow, which can make us feel relaxed regarding  seasonal upkeep, and more likely to procrastinate.  Still there are several things everyone should do for their dream home.  I’ve created a simple checklist to easily track most common tasks, but since all homes are not the same the list may differ according to your property features. Most of the tasks can be done over the weekend. You can download a free printable here winter-ready-home.

Regular seasonal maintenance is very important. It can lower our monthly bills, can potentially save us lot of money by preventing damage in the long run, and improve our overall quality of life. Well maintained home is always priced higher, and if you ever decide to sell, there won’t be lot of back and forth in negotiating repairs.

Stay warm and safe, and enjoy next winter months!

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